31 August 2011


9:00 am Bob Seabus dock, waiting time of departure.the pier while waiting for a nice drink Turkish coffee. and the time comes to travel.In advance to warn the crowd really going, Seabus all seats are full. The ticket number settled in my seat. I will suggest you to bring in things, mp3 player, and most importantly, SENNHEİZER brand headset. Another feature of this headset to the sounds outside, because you are not transmitting.Seabus the children's voices, sometimes a disadvantage can become very frustrating. I think families with children on the top floor, Families without children must travel on the bottom floor.If you are a day's journey is also a sunglasses with polarized waves,water particles created by the rainbow-bright colors will affect you much.I love the light refraction of waves. This journey is also very enjoyable songs from Coldplay is playing. about 2 hours last this long and tiring journey continues.pear, a quiet seaside town, a little more inside, a resident of the village center.Yılandar coastal shores is the most ideal location.where all the houses with sea views and there is no way too many street. Seabus also can hinder the evacuation of 15 min. upon arrival at the pier to welcome you to the smell of seaweed and iodine. can reach the city center by taxi from the pier Seabus down. pear, though people are suitable for hitchhiking. There are also hotels and motels to stay at pier location. Another article, I also publish their communications. My journey ended in the taxi with my Yılandar position. When we arrived there was no one at home with my mother my grandmother's house. but had left the key under the doormat. sugar-feast with family elders have come to pass.

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