30 August 2011

Hatice Gökçe, Istanbul Fashion Week

Hatice Gökçe, Istanbul Fashion WeekIstanbul Fashion Week, 7-10 between September Odakule'deki TRT to do in front of the building.
Extends the meaning to the world of design concepts and unique designs clothes that reflect the world of Gokce, within the scope of activity, Gilman, ie "male servants of heaven" and edited it on the main sponsorship of Perwoll'ün Swarovski Elements crystals prepared with the 2012 Summer Collection will offer clothing.

"Now I feel like women and women's self-time" that is preparing a collection of mottosundan Based Hatice Gökçe, which will be held in the coming days as his thoughts on the Istanbul Fashion Week, said: "Turkey in the fashion world is starting to find its rightful place in international fora. The last two decades positive consequences, and finally making a concerted effort exhibited by the designers of fashion in Istanbul is a place known to all the capitals of the world proves no different. varedebildiği Istanbul Fashion Week put himself in this direction, and all the designers' I'm here saying, "I think that constitutes an area of ​​çıkabildiği."
"When it comes GILMAN'a, why is it so mysterious, creating an area of ​​my collection log was doing ... Maybe you just wonder ... It's hard to explain now designing a collection of curious about the questions raised in my ... But I would like to add that; Gilman main sponsor Perwoll'ün White Magic, custom designs combined with gorgeous Swarovski Elements crystals in tissues and in the name of Silver Plus İpekiş'in smart wool fabric to make my new definition of a man accompanied me in my designs. Bennu Gerede drew amazing photos of my collection of parts. I think that all this The information is quite surprising even to understand a business karşılaşılacağının enough. "Delicate color and texture of the clothes the first day "like new" that keeps Perwoll, the main sponsor of kreasyonunun Gilman. Shows this concern with the collection of clothes from Perwoll Hatice Gökçe Gilman said. Swarovski crystal and precious stones are also turned into a phenomenon with the production and export of fabrics since the years of the Republic of ongoing support was İpekiş brands. 9th of September at 16:00 IFW Gökçe fashion show which will be 28 model will work in his tent. Wise Tuğsuz choreographed fashion show, music by Carter Hall will make the wise Tuğsuz.
Ongoing since 2009, bi-annual Fashion Week held in Istanbul, Turkish designers and brands, domestic and international arena to promote, by increasing the power of fashion design industry, aims to contribute to Turkish economy. Istanbul Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012 fashion show under the Hatice Gökçe, Istanbul Ready Wear and Apparel Exporters' Association (IHKIB), Association of Fashion Designers (MTD), the United Brands Association (UBA) and the Istanbul Fashion Academy (IMA) jointly organized.

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