28 August 2011

Base in Turkey is fashion

Base in Turkey is fashion
Istanbul in September fashion winds blow. Which will be held in Istanbul between the dates of September 7 to 10 Fashion Week (IFW) will host many famous thanks to Istanbul. Irina Shay fashion shows held last year, and many celebrities such as Dita Von Teese became final hosted famous guests of fashion week this year for the tween fashion show that will include Hollywood star Matt Dillon.
Future foreign buying groups In addition, Shera Stone, Drew Barrymore, Tyra Banks and Catherine Zeta-Jones as the celebrity stylist dressing of many famous Hollywood Superstar George Blodwell comes in as a guest. 2 million TL budget was prepared with the fashion week this year, 600 people in the tent to be installed in front of the parking lot Tepebasi TRT. IFW'de this year with the participation of 22 designers and 5 the brand's fashion show will be held 22. This year they expect 40 thousand participants recorded IFW'ye IFW Advisory Board President Suleyman Orakcioglu, "Fashion shows in different places to do different. For example, Galatasaray, even fashion show held in Bath. Nu Pera building to be used by the committee throughout the organization," he said.
Will be held twice a year Istanbul Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012, Turkish designers and brands to introduce local and international level, by increasing the power of fashion design industry, to contribute to the objective of the Turkish economy since 2009 are held 2 times a year. Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters' Association (IHKIB), Association of Fashion Designers (MTD), the United Brands Association (UBA) and the Istanbul Fashion Academy (IMA), which was organized in collaboration with 2 million TL budget for this year's event. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Municipality of Beyoğlu, while supporting the organization, transportation sponsorship of Turkish Airlines, sponsor of online fashion assuming Markofoni.
5 companies attending this year Atil Kutoglu fashion show displaying the names of individual IFW'de, Mehtap Elaidi, Niyazi Erdogan, Ozlem Kaya Nejla Guvenc, Ozgur Masur, Hatice Gökçe, Gul Agis LUG VON Siga, JEAN D'ART by Ozlem Suer, Sea Kaprol, Rana-Berna Canon , Aspen, and Gamze Saraçoğlu Büyükçınar familiar names in the fashion world is like. Individual as well as 2 mixed fashion show fashion shows will take place. Mixed Silk Arnas 1, Asli Guler and Jane Hürdoğan, while the Dawn Group 2 Tokur, Seda ZOROĞLU, Cigdem Akin is. IFW'ye brands participating in the Argande, TWEEN, Cotton, & Cengiz that Abazoğlu and Giovane G. New York Fashion Week also coincides with the days of the year IFW'nin DesignersBu indicating Orakcioglu, said: "Due to long holidays, this year was such a conflict. But it will not affect us negatively. Because the world is our aim to be an alternative to the other fashion week '. Therefore fashion designers abroad and would like to join us. In addition, France, Italy, Spain, Russia and foreign countries such as Lebanon, purchasing groups are planning to come to our country. "

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