26 August 2011

Our fashion week in New York'la coincided, buyers chose Istanbul  
Turkish Designer Brands Turkish designers and fashion line in Turkey on the one hand tried to set the one hand, aiming at the acceptance in the world Istanbul Fashion Week (Istanbul Fashion Week - IFW), 7-10 between September Taksim / Pera also take place.

600 people held in the tent to be built on parking lot Tepebasi TRT during IFW Galatasaray Turkish Bath in Taksim, Galata Tower and many historical sights such as the fashion show as an area to be used. IFW Advisory Board President Suleyman Orakcioglu, left the second week of September this year due to holidays IFW'nin said, "we do not want Eylüldeki 8-15 coincided with the New York Fashion Week. At first I hesitated, but looked at the responses that the majority of group purchasing and fashion writer chose Istanbul Fashion Week, "he said.

Istanbul alternative

This year the 5th IFW'nin organized in such a short period of time is preferred by many of New York Fashion Week, instead of recording that they were pleased Orakcioglu, said: "In fact, we IFW'nin New York, Paris and Milan fashion weeks such as the order of entry into a very different, alternative We aim to have a fashion week. IFW has already started to be perceived that way as far as we understand from the responses. The author of many fashion and buying group, the representative, 'For years we go to New York, Istanbul is very different. The world and Turkey is a very important role in the search for a new identity may 'he says. People have different tastes, different from the pursuit of thrills and IFW has that. We are a very good alternative. "

15 million of TL business

Budget of 2 million
TL , which information is IFW'nin Orakcioglu, "Emerging business, of 15 millionTL . Seek larger budgets in the coming periods. Welcomes more than 100 foreign press members, "he said.

22 participating designers and 5 brands

adl & Cengiz Abazoğlu and Giovane G. Designer brands, fashion designers will be attended 22 events.

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