31 August 2011


9:00 am Bob Seabus dock, waiting time of departure.the pier while waiting for a nice drink Turkish coffee. and the time comes to travel.In advance to warn the crowd really going, Seabus all seats are full. The ticket number settled in my seat. I will suggest you to bring in things, mp3 player, and most importantly, SENNHEİZER brand headset. Another feature of this headset to the sounds outside, because you are not transmitting.Seabus the children's voices, sometimes a disadvantage can become very frustrating. I think families with children on the top floor, Families without children must travel on the bottom floor.If you are a day's journey is also a sunglasses with polarized waves,water particles created by the rainbow-bright colors will affect you much.I love the light refraction of waves. This journey is also very enjoyable songs from Coldplay is playing. about 2 hours last this long and tiring journey continues.pear, a quiet seaside town, a little more inside, a resident of the village center.Yılandar coastal shores is the most ideal location.where all the houses with sea views and there is no way too many street. Seabus also can hinder the evacuation of 15 min. upon arrival at the pier to welcome you to the smell of seaweed and iodine. can reach the city center by taxi from the pier Seabus down. pear, though people are suitable for hitchhiking. There are also hotels and motels to stay at pier location. Another article, I also publish their communications. My journey ended in the taxi with my Yılandar position. When we arrived there was no one at home with my mother my grandmother's house. but had left the key under the doormat. sugar-feast with family elders have come to pass.

30 August 2011

Kim Kardashian wedding shock

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KimKardashian wedding shock

Reality show everyone the beautiful young şaşartın work, clothe, white wedding gowns wedding to her sisters created a shock. All wedding dresses Vera Wang design. Bilidğimiz pastel shades such as weddings usually kıyefetleri elect servants, also at the wedding of a bride in white dress to choose someone else is disrespectful. etiquette applies to all societies of this type. Kim Kardashian wants to create a new trend does not recognize the rule. Of course, winning is the here and designer brands. Kim Kardashian is a selection of a non-existent in the world just because he chose his sisters and white bridesmaid dress, designers will have a lot of people share the same demand Please do not think etiquette rules that we are destroying the style icon. with values ​​out of style icon outs

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Kommagene pursuit of the Holland treasury

Kommagene pursuit of the Holland  treasury
Minister Günay "2 thousand year old sculptures on Mount Nemrut worn down, can download" from the words of Nimrod interesting debate reached a critical point. Allegedly, it believes in reincarnation and that the period of the project's supporters
say a Holland couple have lived.
Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay, then the statement will carry the statues of Nemrut'taki, METU Commagene Nimrod Conservation and Development Programme Co-ordinator Prof. team. Dr. Culture and Tourism Director, and former Ka
hta Güçhan'dan Neriman Sahin Mahmut Arslan was interesting claims.
'My wife made the statues'
Nemrud and a continuous "pressure from the Netherlands" Güçhan emphasizing that, "In the past, and his wife, Olga, Maurice Crijns Crijns Nemrud and have a Holland study. Reincarnation (rebirth) of a man who believes, have the book. He and his wife, lived in Commagene, sculptures Crijns architect thinks that his wife, Olga, "he quoted the following:
'It got the money'
"Unable to enter yet tomb of Antiochus. Important for him to enter the archaeological world. The Holland, for years, were after finding the tomb. The aim of these people this. In the past, Turkey's culture minister, had delivered space. Taken back in 2005. We have entered the equation after him. But they want to get back here. For this reason, 'It has money, saying they come. As I understand it to make that work behind them that support, Turkey has a strong politicians. 'Without knowing what Project, METU can not do it, do the Holland , Turkey is unable to allocate the money in this business' arguments, such as showing attitude. Trying to be given the job done bulandırılıp air of public opinion. "
'Imitation entered the business of politicians'
OLD Kahta Culture and Tourism Director Mahmut Arslan wrote a letter to the President, Abdullah Gul, "The goal is King Nemrut Mountain Summit To enter the tomb of Antiochus Theos'un monument, "he said. Cumhurbaşkanlığı'ndan examined allegations that the response of the Arslan said: "Imitation make it project to a firm in Holland is required. This behind the scenes, there is a political name. Receive 40-50 million dollars from the state, the statues are planning to put imitasyonlarını. This is a ranttır. Certain imitations will do. Made to open up a copy of the horoscope of a lion. Brought last July, they brought me back. Vereceklerdi 168 thousand euros. UPS kargosuyla brought here. " 

The Dutch expelled

"We had a reincarnation of the story here. 2001-2003, the Dutch pair who fired the excavation, they have offered me 30 thousand euros. President Ahmet Necdet Sezer and MPs have written of the period. Confiscated, and the former Minister Atilla Koc, intervened and took back their excavations. Continuous sürülüyorum already, here and there from him, but I'm not afraid I'm going. Let's sleep supervised to the Minister would take a sleeping pill. "

Understanding Arises Through Making

Italian philosopher, jurist, philologist, historian and master of rhetoric, Giambattista Vico, New Science for his book reads part of a large, philosophers, intellectuals and poets have been inspired directly. Romantic historian Jules Michelet, like many others, "Vico'dan I was born," he said. Ernst Cassirer, Vico'yu of myth and mythology, was declared the true discoverer. James Joyce, can not find the imaginations of others finds Vico'da. The German philosopher Wilhelm Dilthey New Science, is one of the greatest achievements of modern thought. Economist Joseph Schumpeter, Vico'yu "the greatest thinkers in the field of social sciences as" one saves. The German Romantics, Goethe, Herder, and Hamann have read the New Bilim. Coleridge, the first Englishman Vico'nun disseminates his ideas. Marx, Das Kapital Vico'yu discussed, Yeats, and concerned, at Vico. Sorokin, mentioned the Vico'yu; Hegel Vico'yu welcomed many names as Trotsky.
Giambattista Vico's philosophy of modern history, the first is the throne of the West. He is considered the founder of the philosophy of culture, philosophy and mythology. All of this work dedicated to the life of a great passion for language, poetry, aesthetics, law, education, politics, metaphysics, social, cultural issues the main route, a new exit point were counted. His ideas of pragmatism, tarihsicilik, such as existentialism and structuralism pioneered the movement.
Vico, as well as the nature that God created man in his own created world in a way that should be examined how society and culture on the world of thought. Döngüselci conception of history, history as to encounter a series of acts, each its own unique historical situation and the internal structure of the internal structure through the understanding of the historical life, mythological, philological, legal and religious aspects, and so many valuable ideas properly understand his legacy to us. Today, Vico not only philosophy, history or sociology, but the most fundamental points in all areas of social sciences in a more profound and not be deleted until you get a big left followed.

According to him, nature, consists of 3 main elements:

- Every nation has a religious,
- There are families on the basis of all societies,
- Information needed for the formation of community institutions, immortality of the soul

Vico, history has dedicated the 3 categories:
1. Age of the gods: Tayal power works, myths of the era under the influence.
2. The age of heroes: the community, the winner of the duel, and especially favored of God appointed him to protect other people think, is the era authority to be heroes.
3. People age: people want recognition of their rights granted to everyone, which is dominated era of tolerance.

*Constructivism, an art movement emerged in Russia in 1914. Painting, sculpture and architecture have been dominated by the Socialist Realism as the official attitude benimsenince disappeared, the proponents of a collapsed section to the west. In general, geometric composition, and adopts the idea of ​​using contemporary malzameleri attitude. Appears on the October Revolution Konstrüktvizm, severed all links with the past, industrial materials and techniques in an attempt to glorify the formatting has been a. Tatlin'in emerged under the leadership of the first architectural design in this area were independent, with no sample has not been applied. But as the administrative center of the newspaper Pravda building, designed in particular, have made most impact in the development of konstrüktvist designs of Modern Architecture. Painting and sculpture are very efficient in the field of constructivism. Of the famous Constructivist A. Pevsner, N. Gabo, Kazimir Malevich, L. Moholy-Nagy, include names.

Hatice Gökçe, Istanbul Fashion Week

Hatice Gökçe, Istanbul Fashion WeekIstanbul Fashion Week, 7-10 between September Odakule'deki TRT to do in front of the building.
Extends the meaning to the world of design concepts and unique designs clothes that reflect the world of Gokce, within the scope of activity, Gilman, ie "male servants of heaven" and edited it on the main sponsorship of Perwoll'ün Swarovski Elements crystals prepared with the 2012 Summer Collection will offer clothing.

"Now I feel like women and women's self-time" that is preparing a collection of mottosundan Based Hatice Gökçe, which will be held in the coming days as his thoughts on the Istanbul Fashion Week, said: "Turkey in the fashion world is starting to find its rightful place in international fora. The last two decades positive consequences, and finally making a concerted effort exhibited by the designers of fashion in Istanbul is a place known to all the capitals of the world proves no different. varedebildiği Istanbul Fashion Week put himself in this direction, and all the designers' I'm here saying, "I think that constitutes an area of ​​çıkabildiği."
"When it comes GILMAN'a, why is it so mysterious, creating an area of ​​my collection log was doing ... Maybe you just wonder ... It's hard to explain now designing a collection of curious about the questions raised in my ... But I would like to add that; Gilman main sponsor Perwoll'ün White Magic, custom designs combined with gorgeous Swarovski Elements crystals in tissues and in the name of Silver Plus İpekiş'in smart wool fabric to make my new definition of a man accompanied me in my designs. Bennu Gerede drew amazing photos of my collection of parts. I think that all this The information is quite surprising even to understand a business karşılaşılacağının enough. "Delicate color and texture of the clothes the first day "like new" that keeps Perwoll, the main sponsor of kreasyonunun Gilman. Shows this concern with the collection of clothes from Perwoll Hatice Gökçe Gilman said. Swarovski crystal and precious stones are also turned into a phenomenon with the production and export of fabrics since the years of the Republic of ongoing support was İpekiş brands. 9th of September at 16:00 IFW Gökçe fashion show which will be 28 model will work in his tent. Wise Tuğsuz choreographed fashion show, music by Carter Hall will make the wise Tuğsuz.
Ongoing since 2009, bi-annual Fashion Week held in Istanbul, Turkish designers and brands, domestic and international arena to promote, by increasing the power of fashion design industry, aims to contribute to Turkish economy. Istanbul Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012 fashion show under the Hatice Gökçe, Istanbul Ready Wear and Apparel Exporters' Association (IHKIB), Association of Fashion Designers (MTD), the United Brands Association (UBA) and the Istanbul Fashion Academy (IMA) jointly organized.

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