29 August 2011

Sugar feast in Istanbul

Turkey today is a feast of sugar. Small children in the neighborhood, go door to door, neighbors celebrate the holidays, these little children are the owners of the home of chocolate, sugar, Turkish delight is served. Door of our house, though it did not yet :) Another name for the Feast of the Ramadan feast of sugarOn the previous day and the feast of Ramadan in Islamic countries are covering the day a public holiday. In other countries, although in different applications some of the biggest companies in the West and the Muslim employees of government agencies gives holiday leave. Picture of Eid al-Fitr holiday in Turkey in 2011 -29 August - 1 September, including-3.5 days. Eve on August 29 (half day), Eid al 1, 2 and 3 days are.
If on the previous day out shopping with family members, new clothes, new shoes are taken, During this holiday to go visit the family elders. And the family elders, people under the handkerchief, chocolate, sugar, candy, and money is offered. In fact, another reason I love public holidays, most families go to their countries. In this case, large cities such as Istanbul, at ease. Traffic does not, the old families remain in Istanbul. I love this state of relaxation, so you fall in love again to Istanbul. Mr. Popper's Penguins, I went to film and cinema hall was empty.'m actually glad this situation, though it must be a problem for business.
This feast, Istanbul drains shall be final. Quiet and peaceful, a small population of istanbul, enjoying our stay.

On a good eve everyone :)

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