30 August 2011

Kommagene pursuit of the Holland treasury

Kommagene pursuit of the Holland  treasury
Minister Günay "2 thousand year old sculptures on Mount Nemrut worn down, can download" from the words of Nimrod interesting debate reached a critical point. Allegedly, it believes in reincarnation and that the period of the project's supporters
say a Holland couple have lived.
Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay, then the statement will carry the statues of Nemrut'taki, METU Commagene Nimrod Conservation and Development Programme Co-ordinator Prof. team. Dr. Culture and Tourism Director, and former Ka
hta Güçhan'dan Neriman Sahin Mahmut Arslan was interesting claims.
'My wife made the statues'
Nemrud and a continuous "pressure from the Netherlands" Güçhan emphasizing that, "In the past, and his wife, Olga, Maurice Crijns Crijns Nemrud and have a Holland study. Reincarnation (rebirth) of a man who believes, have the book. He and his wife, lived in Commagene, sculptures Crijns architect thinks that his wife, Olga, "he quoted the following:
'It got the money'
"Unable to enter yet tomb of Antiochus. Important for him to enter the archaeological world. The Holland, for years, were after finding the tomb. The aim of these people this. In the past, Turkey's culture minister, had delivered space. Taken back in 2005. We have entered the equation after him. But they want to get back here. For this reason, 'It has money, saying they come. As I understand it to make that work behind them that support, Turkey has a strong politicians. 'Without knowing what Project, METU can not do it, do the Holland , Turkey is unable to allocate the money in this business' arguments, such as showing attitude. Trying to be given the job done bulandırılıp air of public opinion. "
'Imitation entered the business of politicians'
OLD Kahta Culture and Tourism Director Mahmut Arslan wrote a letter to the President, Abdullah Gul, "The goal is King Nemrut Mountain Summit To enter the tomb of Antiochus Theos'un monument, "he said. Cumhurbaşkanlığı'ndan examined allegations that the response of the Arslan said: "Imitation make it project to a firm in Holland is required. This behind the scenes, there is a political name. Receive 40-50 million dollars from the state, the statues are planning to put imitasyonlarını. This is a ranttır. Certain imitations will do. Made to open up a copy of the horoscope of a lion. Brought last July, they brought me back. Vereceklerdi 168 thousand euros. UPS kargosuyla brought here. " 

The Dutch expelled

"We had a reincarnation of the story here. 2001-2003, the Dutch pair who fired the excavation, they have offered me 30 thousand euros. President Ahmet Necdet Sezer and MPs have written of the period. Confiscated, and the former Minister Atilla Koc, intervened and took back their excavations. Continuous sürülüyorum already, here and there from him, but I'm not afraid I'm going. Let's sleep supervised to the Minister would take a sleeping pill. "

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