01 September 2011

In Turkey Lifted The Ban On Hunting

In Turkey lifted the ban on hunting
We started to hear voices of the fishermen on the beach with the start of hunting season. Anchovy, Bonito, Bluefish, mackerel, sea bream ... etc. Turkey hunting ban on fish from mid-May, ending on September 1st. Feast day of Ramadan this year coincides with the ending on the date of the ban. The fishermen live in a double feast. September to 50% discount from the price of fish will be replaced with a bench. "You fish, how many cm?" non-governmental organizations that aims to raise the awareness of society with the motto of an effort we hope it works. This type of non-governmental organizations began campaigns to be successful. Most of the depletion of fish species for fish species that was captured while still young. Turkey, with traditional methods of fishing hunt continued for a long time. However, after the 2000s, a variety of fishing methods to keep in sync with the European systems, torpedoes, etc. half a ton of big fish, fishing boats began to go hunting with. This is caused due to fishing methods and the false threat of extinction of fish species living in Turkey. Some non-governmental organizations aiming to raise awareness of the recipients who love eating fish, I think contributed. Fishing nets to hunt for big fish 20cm inspected. If a recipient group of the conscious, the demand for small fish is reduced. Protect fish species in our hands. Turkey is surrounded by sea on 3 sides of this delicious and healthy fish is very useful in terms of protection, we need to know as we like.
You have to aware our environment.
gilt-head bream 


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