30 May 2010

Sexy Beach-Friendly Hairstyles

We swear these cute, humidity-proof hairstyles will get you away from the bathroom mirror and onto the beach, pronto. 

Solange Knowles low key waves

DIY low-key waves.

It’s the kind of style that looks better when it’s not perfect—reason numero uno why we’re huge fans. To wake up with loose curls like Solange Knowles’, spritz your hair with water or towel-dry after washing. Make a few fat braids, then hit the sack. In the morning, undo the twists, finger-comb and—voila—you’re a beach goddess.

Kate Hudson glam ponytail 

Glam up your ponytail.

Don’t let it just hang there—switch it up like Kate Hudson did. Separate the tail into two sections and twist them together about halfway down. Tie on a hair elastic, step back and shamelessly admire your handiwork
Sienna Miller messy updo 
 Try a messy updo.
Sienna Miller has that sexy-without-trying thing down pat. Her tousled knot is yet further proof that sometimes less is more.


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