29 May 2010

Blake Lively Covers Vogue Magazine June 2010

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Blake Lively Covers Vogue Magazine June 2010
Blake Lively Covers Vogue Magazine June 2010
Blake Lively covers Vogue June 2010, wearing no pants. I’m beyond commenting on the pants or no pants thing. However, you should know, as someone who comes into contact with me (being that I’m contagious and all), I have thrown away all of my pants. I threw them in the trash and have been walking around in sweaters and panties, like Lively is above, whatever the weather. The look kind of requires you not wear a coat, what kind of crazy person puts a coat over that; so, I’m in a sweater/ boots/ ripped church panties… that’s all. And, man, it’s cold over here. What the heck was I even writing this for… I really forget sometimes… oh yeah… Blake Lively of Gossip Girl and a bunch of movies I’ll never see covers Vogue US as shot by Mario Testino. Her photo and interview…

  • On her part in The Green Lantern: “All I want is to be a hero to my nephews and nieces. I’m going to be the coolest aunt ever. Our director likes it real—the fights close and dirty,” she explains, and for added veracity aerial stunts are being filmed in the rig created for The Matrix. “I’m 40 feet in the air, spiraling around. That’s the best workout you can ever do because it’s all core,” she tells me. “You do that for ten minutes and you should see your body the next day! It’s so exhilarating, so thrilling—and nauseating!”
  • On wearing a wet suit to go surfing: “Of course you have to pee in your wet suit,” she declares with startling matter-of-factness. “It will keep you warm; they all do it.”
  • Los Angeles v. New York v. New Orleans: “I haven’t lived in California for so long,” she says sheepishly, “but my New York guise is gone. Ostrich flats don’t really work on the beach!” New Orleans has already lulled her into its gentler pace. “I’m used to that sweet, syrupy Southern mentality,” she says. “There is so much heart. I love, love, love New York, but it’s nice sometimes to have not so much to do—there’s time to walk through the park and to cook.”

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