31 May 2010

Find Your Best Cut

Find Your Best Cut

We asked stylists Garren and John Barrett to evaluate Hollywood's hottest haircuts. Find the style that suits you best, no matter what your hair type.


Audrey Tatou
THE LOOK: Short hair is chic again. The look is layered and precise, and it best suits those with fine locks, who get a boost of volume by taking the length up. "No matter what your age, short works best on someone confident who doesn't use her hair for feminine gestures," says Garren. So if you like to twist your tresses, don't chop them off.

Audrey Tatou
Victoria Beckham
WEARING IT WELL: "Short hair can't be common," says Garren. It needs some angles and edge or you'll wind up looking like a soccer mom. Styles that are longer on top, like Victoria Beckham's fashion-forward cut, are more versatile.
Selma Blair
The angles in Selma Blair's hair make it edgy...
Michelle Williams
...while Michelle Williams's cut is feathered and soft.
Renée Zellweger
STYLING SECRETS: "Cropped cuts have the potential to look masculine, but layering and feathering around the face look more feminine," says Barrett. The longer the layers, the more you can change your look. "Victoria Beckham can wear her hair down on her face or pull it back with a headband and look really different," says Garren.
Ellen Barkin
WEARING IT WELL: "Both Diane Sawyer and Ellen Barkin have really sleek, structured, face-framing cuts that fall just below the chin but without any sharp edges," notes Garren.

Kirsten Dunst
When blow-drying, do your bangs or shortest layer first, then use a flatiron. "If the hair around your face starts to frizz, it adds years to your look," says Barrett. 

Nicole Richie
"I love the flatness of Nicole's bangs and the way they frame her face," he notes.
Jennifer Aniston
THE LOOK: "Women with long hair often consider it very much a part of their being, and many of them keep it so they can change their look easily," says Garren. "It can be sexier and more feminine than shorter styles," he notes. So who shouldn't wear long hair? If your features are thin and long or you're over 60, you'll probably look better with a shorter style. "Bringing the length up will lift your features and give your face more dimension," Garren explains.
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker, who has curly locks, is also really suited to long hair. "If she were to make it short, I think she would lose some of her softness," says Barrett.

Jennifer Lopez
STYLING SECRETS: For women like Beyoncé Knowles and Jennifer Lopez, whose shortest layers fall about an inch below their cheekbones, the length allows them to change their style to suit the occasion.
Beyoncé Knowles
"Beyoncé's hair is great because it has so much natural texture but can easily be blown out smooth and straight," says Barrett. The stylists agree that it's crucial to carefully maintain long tresses. Women who look great with long hair are those who keep it in perfect condition.

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