06 September 2011

Özgür Masur "SADE-CE" 2012 Spring Summer

 ÖZGÜR MASUR Spring Summer 2012 "SADE-CE"

Özgür Masur 2012 Spring Summer
Istanbul Fashion Week fashion week the name of the giant world of mobile technology in the co-sponsorship of the BlackBerry, and Black28 Özgur Masur designer fashion show will be held personally "SADE-CE"-themed 2012 Summer Collection will present at 14:30 on Friday, September 9, 2011."SADE-CE" fits the theme of the collection prepared by Pearl's shoes, the fashion world with the equivalent passages in the world of decoration depicting the Duwalls come forward as sponsors. Prepared in accordance with a special fashion show fashion show concept and designed by Designer or videoart music sound. MAC make-up design and applications of the models with the fashion show is sponsored by the concept image. Hair design Önder Tiryaki videoart and photography collections made by the plain-ce undertaken by photographer Mehmet Turgut. Mehmet Turgut, photographed by the "SADE-CE" in many important names in the collection of the best style and for using body language to attract attention to the past, present and future player is an elegant figure-artist Zuhal Olcay, Özgür Masur'un this year's collection was the face. So far, a collection of the most famous names working for Zuhal Olcay, Özgur Masur undisguised admiration of many years of working with a very special experience, he believes.

Özgür Masur 2012 Spring Summer

Özgur Masur, will perform on September 9 and is preparing to show in a very special surprises. Or the first time, specifically for the fashion show will present a collection of music written by and posted on the Internet after the music.
Zuhal Olcay, as well as fashion show will be the guest of honor, Beren Saat, Bergüzar Korel, Hazal Kaya, Bengu, Berçim Erdogan,  Dolunay Soysert, Hatice Aslan Deniz Cakir and a very famous friend, the fashion show this ambitious Özgür Masur'u not leave alone.
Orion's fashion show, as well as psoriasis, Özge Ulusoy, Serenay Sarikaya, Didem Soydan, Ahu Yağtu, Merve Saracoglu and Sinem Sülün will be the most important names such as podiums. 

Özgür Masur 2012 Spring Summer

More detailed information about the fashion designer's website can be found below.

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