06 September 2011

KOTON  "Limited Edition"
Day and by night, 
WEAR COTTON'S SIGNATUREKOTON'un the night, the Night & Day to day will mark a new dress collection, the scope of Istanbul Fashion Week September 8, will take place on Thursday night, fashion show fashion lovers meet.
KOTON'un Fashion Week and fashion lovers will be in Istanbul for the first time in front of Night & Day Dress Collection, elegant and stylish, is dominated by an approach consists of short and long dresses. Dresses and feminine images in the foreground is minimal, re-reviewed with the different cuts and kupları appeals to women who desire the good looks.Self-confident, courageous spirit, and the silhouette of a woman reflects on you never COTTON Night & Day Collection, from day to night you will not want to remove your clothes, as well as special nights and parties prepared for the "Limited Edition" underscores the long robes of a noble elegance. Every part of the collection of women's self-confidence by tapping them, glorify, women, fashion, concealing themselves in the language represents.IFW'nin 2 On the night of 8 September Thursday at 21.00 hrs will be held Otapark'ta Tepebasi Storey "COTTON Night & Day Dress Collection" fashion show for the first time on the collection, IFW'nin then stores the new season will take place. COTTON Night & Day Collection consists of 50 pieces, with clear views and the bold lines in the color palette of clothes in the nude, as well as shades of opaque colors, fluorescent pink, fuchsia, and blues is located.

About IFW

Ongoing since 2009 and the Istanbul Fashion Week held twice a year, the Turkish designer and brand names, to promote domestic and international arena, increasing the power of fashion design industry, aims to contribute to Turkish economy. Istanbul Fashion Week, Spring / Summer 2012 fashion show under the Cotton, Istanbul Ready Wear and Apparel Exporters' Association (IHKIB), Fashion Designers Association (MTD), the United Brands Association (UBA) and the Istanbul Fashion Academy (IMA) jointly

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