11 September 2011

Giovane Giovane Gentile, and G. Designers, Fashion Week 2012
Giovane Giovane Gentile, and G. Designers, Fashion Week 2012 in Istanbul
Giovane Gentile, and G. Designers, Fashion Week 2012 in Istanbul was marked by colorful and bold designs. Giovane Giovane Gentile, and G. Designers'ın, 2012 Spring-Summer "GUEST" Collection of shirts for jackets used in conjunction with major discrimination for the audience was welcomed. Erez Uğurkan choreographed fashion shows that took place on September 10, 2011 showed great interest in the guests and the press, has attracted considerable attention among the audience of the famous faces
Giovane Giovane Gentile, and G. Designers, Fashion Week 2012 in Istanbul
Under Short Suit Clothes Clothes Men's Clothing
 Giovane Gentile'den Istanbul Fashion Week Yoncimik surprise!

Giovane Giovane Gentile, and G. Designers'ın fashion show color images, while the scene, there was surprise fashion show Yonca Evcimik. The famous artist, Yonca Evcimik, specially prepared for her hat and vest Giovane Gentile'nin male costume fashion show took place among the audience.

The show that enjoyed Yonca Evcimik, "I love the suit, especially in men. In the last part of the shorts was very nice combinations. I think this a new trend for men, both wearing suits and shorts to be. Most liked it. "She said.
Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki Küçük OSMAN
Uğurkan Erez ve Küçük Osman

Guests, of the center of attention Little Osman Suit loving famous people

The guests showed great interest in fashion shows, celebrities flocked to the press. Istanbul Fashion Week tent where the show is completely full followed by many people standing in the fashion show. Yonca Evcimik, as well as fashion shows, models Çağla Şikel and Özge Ulusoy, singer, Yelda Basaran,   Şafak Karaman's famous radio show, and so a tolerable time series of Chi Osman Emir Berke Zincidi joined . Little Osman friendly behavior has attracted many guests. Singer Yelda Basaran, runway feelings about the "Men wanted to be." He said. Basaran, "normal life under the narrow-cut jackets and jacket I love the masculine attire. Defileydi Very nice, enjoyed incredible, "She said.

Emir Berke Zincidi hero in the hearts, her mother said giydirdiğini, invitations and awards ceremonies wearing suits, he said.
Giovane Giovane Gentile, and G. Designers, Fashion Week 2012
Giovane Giovane Gentile, and G. Designers, Fashion Week 2012
Giovane Giovane Gentile, and G. Designers, Fashion Week 2012
Giovane Giovane Gentile, and G. Designers, Fashion Week 2012
Giovane Giovane Gentile, and G. Designers, Fashion Week 2012
Giovane Giovane Gentile, and G. Designers, Fashion Week 2012

Giovane Giovane Gentile, and G. Designers, Fashion Week 2012

Giovane Gentile leading brands in men's clothing, stunning Spring / Summer 2012 collection fashion show in Istanbul Fashion Week 2012 closing filled eyes.

Choreography of the fashion shows, guests and the press showed great interest Uğurkan Erez. The fashion shows, celebrities flock to him by Yonca Evcimik Giovane Gentile participated in a specially erected boys clothes, many famous names among the invited guests. Istanbul Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012 fashion shows in Beyoğlu, the heart of Istanbul was held on 7-10 September 2011. 22 designers and 5 major brands including Istanbul Fashion Week 2012, fashion designers and clothing brands, fashion lovers met. Creating their own style of fashion for men's wear, Fashion Week 2012 closing special attention paid to detail and the well-known and Giovane Giovane Gentile G. Designers'ın fashion show ended with new creations. Gentile on the plain, closing in the new collection fashion show on Saturday, September 10, 2011 eserek visitors captivated by storm. Erez Uğurkan choreographed the fashion show, eye color and eye-catching designs, filling, Giovane Gentile elegance with comfort, which combine the classical with the modern Istanbul Fashion Week and was marked by new collection.

Cuneyt Mutkan: "Every man is the summer of 2012 Giovane Gentile Guests Will"

Giovane Giovane Gentile, and G. Cuneyt Mutkan Designers Member of the Board, said after the show, a fashion show gerçekleştirdiklerini very successful, he said. Mutkan enjoyed expressing their designs, while designs reported that they followed the fashion world.A brand that they are sold in 19 countries around the world, the 30-branch offices in Turkey, indicating that the Mutkan, Europe, the Middle East to invest in weight to the economic crisis that they predicted it would, he said. Mutkan, the following was passed as the spring-summer 2012 koleksionuyla: "This collection of colorful designs and have the lively.  Quoted by the spirit of spring, summer guests passing through the season, we'll be in dreams for the future, do the new plans. In this spirit, prepared to explain and to bring our collection colored jeans and jackets. New designs, played by people carrying the colors of nature. Giovane Gentile in the summer of 2012 every man will be the guests. "

Men with the spirit of explorers, "Navigator"

Intellectual mindset that combines creativity with the popular culture, and "Navigator" themed designs; traveler from the clouds and periods of ups and fashion sarmalındaki dem banging, a lot is expanding its range of color and a cube.

"Navigator"; stereotypes, many familiar ideas, a balanced combination of different forms and colors meets modern, urban, self-confident man and has essential parts. Technology and luxurious fabrics, a favorite of the theme ... without lining, material, light as a feather jackets 7 / 24 the only choice for travelers who live ... in the collection of silk, cashmere, wool and cotton, while still dominated by the raw and processed linen are found in almost every lower and upper group and the situation inevitably makes the city the air of an exotic vacation.

Creation of the classic and basic products that includes a 60 per cent under the brand Collecting Unique Giovane Gentile. Unique, as each client's product range includes products can wear with pleasure. Giovane Gentile Limited consists of the small number produced many special products. These designs, silk, cashmere, wool and linen blended fabrics, precious catch your eye. G. Designers and fashion brings together a unique and ergonomic design with a street is located.

Kreasyonda, coffee in the morning until the time of the evening martini used jackets, thin sweaters and loafers of colored products, and the clock is to be preferred. Last-tech fabrics, has found life among the favorites of the collection while safari jackets, custom-finished micro-fiber without disturbing the natural structure that wraps around the body like a second skin.

"Navigator," a soft tone color twirls in the spirit. Cloud shades, the color of melancholy midnight blue and biscuits inevitably come across any combination. Pale blue, brown, gray, cream-colored, brown recluse and the black and white, of course, indispensable kreasyonda colors that stand out ...

For those wishing to move in the spirit of nature Colors "COLOR MANIA"

"COLOR Mania"-themed designs, and colors of nature contains all the tones of the therapy ends with a boring themes.

Giovane Gentile world, living in one of the most colorful seasons of the dark blue instead of black is a little bit and move a few colors in one condition that exhibits great compositions. Live the extraordinary designs created with natural materials comes to life patterns.

Stylish, sporty and comfortable jacket to a model duo bermuda-cropping a lot of fun to look at the times, as the wash coats jackets are leaving refined. Plaid, checkered, short or long forms to pötikareli soft fabrics such as shirts, jeans made of thin fibers, skinny and bermudalarla coming together. Bringing together a unique ergonomic designs and fabrics used in fashion and the street fills the eye. 100 percent cotton, linen, cotton-linen, cotton-polyester and wool-cotton-silk blends romanticism shaped emphasize details. Tight bell-bottomed trousers and a short symbol of comfort slippers "COLOR MANIA" also creates geometric forms that meet the charismatic and unusual appearance.

"COLOR MANIA" aesthetic of seductive design, sumptuous tones and tropical colors come to life. Cobalt blue, brick red, pale blue and the gray cloud derivatives of the main colors of shades, solar shades of yellow grains, dark green, green and violet are accompanied.

Giovane Giovane Gentile-G Designers, fashion lovers will meet in Istanbul 2012 Spring-Summer 2012 Fashion Week "GUEST" Collection by getting rid of the black clouds, color, and promises a hopeful season.

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