13 September 2011

"ADL & Cengiz ABAZOĞLU" Fashion Week and A TOUCH OF GOLD

Fashion Week and A TOUCH OF GOLD 

"GOLD Ceremony"
The latest trends and fashion trends Fashion Week catwalk in Istanbul showed the highly anticipated collection of size "ADL & Cengiz ABAZOĞLU" show attracted considerable interest.
Özge Ulusoy brand face of the ADL and the world of catwalk fashion show from 30 famous mannequin in the name of a surprise, "so that when a tolerable" Wilma Elles series has been successful in attracting attention to acting performances ...
Meeting is described as a giant in the fashion world and the 2012 Spring-Summer collection for a woman who met the Turkish brand of sparkling and successful fashion designer Chris adL Abazoğlu, the result of months of intensive and meticulous study of the ADL brand outside of the face Özge Ulusoy, ÇağlaŞikel, Tulin Sahin and Wilma Elles introduced with a fashion show where famous names such as. In addition, local and foreign fashion show model was 30.
Genghis Abazoğlu, which is prepared for the 36-track collection about that brand, "2012 Spring - Summer" Gold Ceremony "today interpreted by the woman of my collection of 90s and modern luxury. Structural forms, details of the asymmetric cuts was prominent in the collection. Indispensable for centuries as the golden tissue of women in the clothing, accessories, designs the material as was mine. The collection symbolizes innocence and purity of Gold as well as white and the accompanying fuchsia, pistachio green and nude tones were used. Micro mini dresses, long night, a small plastering sequin dresses, lace, chiffon, satin and matte textures that I had the choice, "he said.
Ongoing since 2009 and the Istanbul Fashion Week held twice a year, the Turkish designer and brand names, to promote domestic and international arena, increasing the power of fashion design industry, aims to contribute to Turkish economy. Istanbul Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012 under the 'Abazoğlu adL & Chris' show, Istanbul Ready Wear and Apparel Exporters' Association (IHKIB), Fashion Designers Association (MTD), the United Brands Association (UBA) and the Istanbul Fashion Academy (IMA) jointly organized.
Fashion lovers waiting impatiently for the collection of Genghis Abazoğlu before Christmas 2011, some parts will be available in November adL brand exclusive branches. 

Cengiz Abazoğlu S/S 2012
Cengiz Abazoğlu S/S 2012
Cengiz Abazoğlu S/S 2012
Cengiz Abazoğlu S/S 2012
Cengiz Abazoğlu S/S 2012

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