31 December 2011

Pillow Talk

This is really needed

Distance love is hard to live,
Sensitivemissetc. not reach

Alwayslove living in the remote that actually think for yourself. Whereasin the world remotely like us love to play there a lot of running, double- This love is difficult, like laborlike to be rememberedand you want to talkThere are many people on the phone before going to bed with her lover craving that addresses LITTLE RIOT chat on the pillow's design office has a very good designsbut this pillow talknot voice
This is a conversation you have with your heart light
When you lie you to beda pair of lights on the pillow at the same time in the distantlover begins to burn

Working with the sim card

By inserting the ring fingerthe moment you lie down to bed
lights are on the other pillow
I think the design is really a very emotional

If it is reading my blog this special designer bag
is no longer available, please çıksın
please I beg
Little Riot, Pillow talk 

Little Riot, Pillow talk 

Little Riot, Pillow talk 

Little Riot, Pillow talk 

Little Riot, Pillow talk

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