22 December 2011

Jack Daniel's from the great New Year's party

Jack Daniel New Year Party Ozan BALABAN

Jack Daniel New Year Party Salih SAKA
Friends of Jack, the arrival of the new year Billionaire in Istanbul Şeyla Ovadiya'hosted by the Tennessee cowboy touches, and the wind had swept over everyone

"New Year's Cheer, The Tennessee Way" party and the

December 21 Wednesday night, celebrate!

Jack lovers, December 21, Wednesday night, more than 130 countries, the symbolname, which has become the world's most exclusive whiskey brand, Jack Daniel'sand entertainment phenomenon, Seyla Ovadiya collaboration Billionaire in Istanbulheld Tennessee-based Jack Daniel 's' s cowboy touches home atmosphere it adds"new Year's Cheer, The Tennessee Way "party and celebrate the arrival of the new year!

Indhi DJ 's delightful guests started the night sets, DJ Campbell Hall to theaccompanying violin, guitar and saxophone performance, in addition to a pleasantbreezes and experienced the fun of the land of Jack Daniel's birth. Guests laterAyhan Korkmaz DJ's sets have completed a memorable night.

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